Cuteness Interviews Sneakers the Corgi

If you haven't heard of Sneakers the Corgi, you might be living under a rock. This social media superstar has over 100,000 fans across her social media channels, and that number is rapidly growing every day. It doesn't take much to understand why- Sneaker's playful demeanor and love for all things pizza make her not only adorable, but a bonafide superstar.


Sneakers took a few minutes out of her busy day dressing up in pawsitively adorable costumes and making hilarious music videos to tell us how she got her name, what she keeps in her favorite owl backpack, and what she'd say to the world if she got the chance.
Sneakers, your name is not a typical dog name. Does it have a special meaning or are you just a fan of athletic footwear?

It's not the most exciting story! I have little white paws, so it always looks like I have footwear on. I was almost named "Socks," but that name was deemed more appropriate for a cat. I have many nicknames, too: Sneaks, Fluffy Pants, Hobbit, Mini Doge.

You have so many pawsome clothes and accessories. What's your favorite outfit & why?

Clothes that complement and accentuate my body type make me feel great. Some people have an hourglass body type, others are very broad-shouldered. I would say I am pretty tubular, so anything that shows off my long torso is perfect. I particularly love the Catbus costume that my hoomin made (inspired by the movie "My Neighbor Totoro").

What do you put inside of your owl backpack?

The owl backpack is great for trips to the dog park. I keep a frisbee in it so we can play fetch, and a few dog biscuits, too. Snacks keep me from getting hangry!

If you could be a different animal, what animal would you be and why?

Probably a pizza rat (pizza rat was an internet-famous rat who was caught on camera taking home an entire slice of pizza while traveling through the New York Subway).

Sneakers, what is your favorite food?

This is tough one. Just kidding; it's pizza!! Extra cheese and pepperoni. My other favorite snack is peanut butter.

What would be the first thing you did if you were president of your country?

Dogs would be allowed everywhere that hoomins are allowed! And everyone gets free pizza.

What words of wisdom would you like to share with the world?

It doesn't matter if you're little; you can still do amazing things. Like dominating at basketball!

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