Cuteness Interviews Super Corgi Jojo

Super Corgi Jojo has a reputation for catching waves on his surfboard and for raising money for animal rescue groups. But his story is less about the flash, glitz, and glamour that's typically associated with celebrity pets and more about his personal recovery and triumph. This social media superstar has a massive following, and for good reason- he's an inspiration to animals and humans alike due to his dramatic recovery from the brink of death after a terrible incident.


Super Corgi Jojo and his pet parent, Josephine, took a few minutes out of their busy day of surfing & supporting rescue groups to tell us the harrowing history of how Jojo got into surfing, where his super name comes from, and exclusive tips on how to teach your pet to surf.

Super Corgi Jojo, what motivates you to do all of the extreme sports you participate in?

Motivation comes from the ability to show everyone up. Who would expect a corgi to surf 8 foot waves? Who would expect me to come back from being on my deathbed two years ago? Who would expect me to snowboard down a huge hill or hike in the blazing sun? I love showing everyone I CAN; I love showing people that if I can, then THEY CAN. The ability to show strength and drive means more than anything.

How did you get the name "Super Corgi"?

The story behind the surfing and snowboarding is quite long. So I'll let my family tell it for me!

Jojo's Mom Josephine: My husband was deployed overseas and Jojo and I wanted to go to Balboa Dog Park. We were locking up the apartment and as we closed the doors, two dogs got loose from upstairs. The dogs were large and ferocious and attacked Jojo and me. I escaped with only stitches but Jojo needed surgery to survive. My husband and I spent the money we were going to spend on a wedding to save Jojo's life. It took weeks of healing but Jojo could barely walk. We spent more money on aqua therapy but realized once my husband got back from his deployment that we could use the Pacific Ocean for free! One day after my husband returned, he took Jojo to the beach. Jojo eventually got tired from swimming so my husband tried to put Jojo on the Surfboard while they were out in the water. A wave came and Jojo surfed it all the way to the sand. It was amazing to watch this little corgi ride these huge waves, as large as 7 feet high, straight to the beach. We kept practicing and practicing 'til he was a pro. This all saved Jojo's life; he got his mobility back in his legs and lost the weight he gained after the attack, thanks to swimming and surfing. As for snowboarding, Jojo hopped on a board and we started on a bunny hill; now he's riding slopes down big hills. He's got great stability and great ability to pick up things very quickly. Being able to recover got him the name SUPER MAN and later it turned into SUPER CORGI. His name also comes from doing so many fundraisers for those who need help. We raised money for the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Queen's Best Stumpy Dog Rescue, The Barking Lot Rescue and many more. We also do auctions of Jojo's stuff to help with those In need.

Jojo, you have a pawsome sense of style. What is your favorite outfit that you've worn?

AHHHH so many, for the ocean! I love the wetsuit I got from my friend Noriko (@noriroo on Instagram) and of course my shark vest! I also have a special friend, @norithecorgi, who makes the most wonderful onesies and clothes for me all the time!!! Very lucky, she's bringing corgi Japan style to America!!

What is your favorite type of clothes?

Everything. I love all clothes! I just wish we had the same clothes here in america that they have in Japan. Some dog clothes over there are so unique!!!

You're a seasoned traveler. What's your top three list of the favorite places you've been?

Hawaii would be number one for sure. Long plane ride but there is so much to do from hikes, to surfing to seeing good friends, and enjoying good bites.

Florida is my second favorite. I love Disney World and have made so many great friends there. I've been throughout the state and there is just so many sweet good hearted people there. Love the amount of stuff to do and the dog parks they have. Plus beautiful Warm Ocean to cool off these stumps with!!!!

Arizona and San Francisco are tied for third. I love to travel to both of these places because of the corgi friends I have there. And the amazing sites to enjoy. From the great hikes of Arizona to the Golden Gate Bridge and Full House scenery around San Fran. There's never a time that it isn't fun or action packed at these places.

Friends from all over send you super pawsome presents. What's the best thing you've ever gotten and why is it the best?

There is not just one best thing. I'm so grateful of everything. We absolutely love clothes and cool different, food, treats and toys, and different stuff to show off different cultures not just internationally but in different parts of the USA. I have met so many wonderful furfriends that became family to us!

Out of all your memories, which is the most pawsome?

Traveling to Hawaii was amazing.
Traveling to Disney World was amazing.
My first Corgi Beach Day was amazing.
But meeting my Mom was the best day of my life.
Having so much love, support, and friendship from Instagram is the best memory and also getting to meet most of my Instagram friends is super cool!

Josephine, what advice do you have for other pet parents that want their furry family members to learn how to surf?

Start off small and then move to bigger waves. Praise early and often, even when they go just a few feet. Make it fun and family oriented. Hop on the board with them, give them treats at home while on the board to make them love it. We love doing it because it gets us to bond. I never even knew how to swim, but with Jojo getting into the water I had to take swimming classes.

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