We Got To The Bottom Of 10 Puzzling Dog Behaviors

Cuteness Team

1. Why do dogs love to lick faces?

There are actually several reasons — but puppy could be trying to clean you, looking for food, or just saying "hello"...with his tongue. Find out more here.

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2. Why do dogs sometimes tilt their heads when you talk to them?

This can actually mean that your dog is very empathetic!  Why? Because he may be trying to hear you and see you better. Find out more here.

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3. Why did my dog decide to take a pee inside the house?

It could be a medical issue (like a urinary tract infection) or she decided to mark her territory in response to something that caused anxiety (like bringing a new dog into the house, or separation anxiety). Find out how stop this behavior here.

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4. Why does my dog cover her face with her paws?

A couple reasons! Aside from the obvious (wiping, scratching), she may be showing submission or emotion! Find out more here.

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5. Why does my dog sometimes give me his paw — especially when I didn't even ask for it?

Turns out, it might be because your pup is expressing uncertainty. Find out why here.

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6. Why does my dog snuggle with me? Is it because she really loves me?

Actually, yes! Possibly! But she may also be cold or a genetic predisposition. Find out more here.

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7. Why is my dog hiding under the bed?

This one makes sense — he could be anxious or scared? Or, the space under the bed is where puppy finds comfort and safety. Find out more here.

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8. Why do dogs drag their butts on the floor?

Uh oh, looks like your friend may have an issue in the anal area. Or, if you have a female dog, she could be in heat! Find out more here.

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9. Why does my dog keep digging in the same spot?

She could be chasing prey...or just trying to get your attention! Find out more here.

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10. Why does my dog boop me with his nose?

He's just letting you know that he's there...and he probably wants some attention. More here.

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