Dog BFFs Reunite One Year After Their Rescue

A year before this video was taken, Buddy and Shelby were two dogs in a dire situation—confined to a dirty, muddy, trash-filled pen in Emporia, Virginia.

A PETA fieldworker out on another call in Buddy and Shelby's neighborhood was unexpectedly flagged down by the owner of these two dogs who said he was no longer able to care for them. The fieldworker was astonished but thankful, as many neglectful animal owners not only fail to take care of their pets, but also fail to ask for help. Buddy and Shelby were rescued from from their poor living conditions and transferred to the open admission, Virginia Beach SPCA where PETA frequently partners.


Image: PETA

The plan, as with any rescue, was to adopt them into new homes, which came to fruition rather quickly. Both dogs had been underweight, filthy, and tested positive for heartworm when the PETA fieldworker found them—and to look at them now, it's apparent that they've come a long way.

Heartworms are common in neglected dogs confined to the backyard pens because their owners won't or can't pay for medication that prevent the disease. PETA paid for the treatment, but at the time of their adoptions, their treatment was still underway. Back then, Shelby's and Buddy's adopters had to keep the energetic dogs confined because heartworm treatment can cause blood clots while the heartworms are breaking down. They also had to be kept quiet in order to prevent blood clot development, but after a few weeks, both dogs were cleared of heartworm and were able to continue normal doggy activities.

The were recently reunited after one year of separation and the incredibly moving event was captured on video (see above). This first doggie reunion was a joy to behold as the dogs played happily together for hours! Buddy and Shelby's parents have plans to schedule more play dates for for them in the future.


Video by YouTube User PETA