Dog Saves Hummingbird & Now They're Besties

It's seriously hard to beat this rescue story. Rex, a German Shepherd mix abandoned as a pup (and once considered aggressive), was rescued by animal-lover Ed Gernon from Whittier, CA who rehabilitated the pooch by showering him with some well-needed TLC.

After being rescued himself, it seems Rex wanted to give back to other animals in need. One day, he drew his dad's attention to a tiny baby hummingbird fallen from its nest, covered in ants. Gernon assumed the bird was dead, but the pooch stood his ground until Gernon scooped the bird up and discovered that she was, in fact, still alive. He named the bird Hummer, and was able to nurse her back to health against the odds. But wait—the story gets even better. The grateful bird has now grown attached to both Rex and Gernon, choosing to flit around their home rather than outdoors and becoming an intregal part of their family. Gernon likens her presence to living with Tinkerbell.

Watch the video to see the entire amazing story, which Gernon sums up like this: "I rescue this dog, he rescues the bird, the bird rescues all of us in a weird sense...and it's just a miracle."

Video by YouTube user CBS Los Angeles