Gift Ideas for Dog Groomers

Dog groomers work in a variety of settings, from pet stores to grooming salons to veterinarians' offices. They often work long hours and spend most of the day on their feet. During the holidays (or other special occasions) it's nice to let them know that they are appreciated for the hard work that they do by giving them a thoughtful gift.


Grooming Tools

Combs, brushes, nail clippers and shears come in different sizes and styles and are used for certain grooming situations and coat types. There are tools designed to break up mats, tools made to take out dead undercoat, shears designed to thin the coat and many more types of grooming implements. If your groomer has been mentioning a new tool that he'd like, or you know what type of tools he uses on your dog, you can use this information to choose something new for his collection.

Dog Accessories

Dog groomers often send their canine clients home with a ribbon, bow, bandanna or some other finishing touch to a grooming session. It will save some money and can be fun for the groomer to make her own doggie hair accessories, so you can put together an organizational-type craft box with small pieces of material, spools of ribbon, small clips and elastic bands, scissors and other tools that the groomer can use to make her own products. Tie a bow around the box for presentation.


Groomers tend to get covered in hair, soap and water, which makes wearing a waterproof apron a necessity. The best aprons for dog groomers include pockets that can hold combs, brushes and other supplies. Waterproof grooming aprons are made of rubber or PVC and can be found at many grooming-supply retailers. You can find styles from practical to whimsical.

Grooming Table

If you're feeling extra generous, you can even go so far as to help your groomer upgrade his or her grooming table! Well-designed grooming tables ease wear and tear on a groomer's back, have non-skid surfaces to make the dog easier to control, and can also come with some handy accessories such as a grooming arm, to help hold the dog in place. A grooming table also makes an excellent gift for someone just starting out in the grooming business.

Dog Treats

Groomers often give treats to their canine customers during or after grooming sessions. The thought is that a dog will make a positive association between the grooming and the treats, and might not be so apprehensive the next time he visits the groomer. Buy or even bake your own dog treats, put them in a cute basket or other decorative container and tie it up with a ribbon for presentation.

Personal Items

Personal items such as coffee mugs or T-shirts decorated with a dog or a grooming theme make suitable gifts for any occasion. Grooming is demanding work, so a back-massage pillow or a comfy pair of slippers would be enjoyed at the end of a long day. A travel mug with a lid to keep pet hair out of the groomer's drink would be a nice option. Last, but certainly not least, gift cards and extra big cash tips are always appreciated!

By Kimberly Harris


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