Here's How Social Media Has Changed 1000s of Animals' Lives

It's no secret that animals do well on social media. Dogs and cats become Instagram stars. We like and share videos of too-cute-for-words teacup pigs and hedgehogs. Some of us are more likely to comment on social media that we miss a friend's dog than the actual human friend who cares for it (guilty as charged).


But these sites are good for more than just turning pets into social media celebrities and giving us an excuse to connect with the other humans in our lives. Social media has changed the lives of literally thousands of animals by helping them get adopted.

Mashable reports that social media has led to countless adoptions and helped raise awareness for shelters, breeds, and individual animals in need all over the world.

"Social media helps to spread the word of animals needing homes, you see a dog you like, you tag a friend, they encourage you to come visit and before you know it we're waving goodbye to another happy adopter," Claire Garth of Sydney Dogs and Cats Home told Mashable.


While some organizations, like Australia's Every Greyhound, which Mashable reports launched a Twitter account in 2012, and tweets to encourage people to adopt greyhounds as pets and to spotlight specific greyhounds available for adoption, exist solely thanks to social media, other brick and mortar pet organizations have used social media to grow.

"We just started out basically with word of mouth and passing out business cards," Cathy Vincent, a volunteer with pet helpers in Marion County, West Virginia, told WDTV. "When Facebook came around, we were a little hesitant because most of us aren't computer savvy, but we took the jump and went on and it's been one of the best things that could have ever happened for the animals. We have over 100,000 fans on Facebook right now."

In this case, putting social media to use for a good cause helps literally everyone. More pets find forever homes, more potential pet owners getting matched with their furry soulmate, and the rest of us get to see more and more pictures of adorable animals, which obviously the internet can never have too much of.


Main Image: Instagram