Here's What A Chatty Porcupine Eating A Pumpkin Sounds Like

Surprise! Porcupines make noise, and it's adorable. Teddy Bear the Porcupine ('Teddy' to his friends) loves to chow down on pumpkins, and if 13.9 million YouTube views are any indication, the internet loves it too. There's something weirdly human - and utterly charming - about the way he grunts, squeaks, and chirps as he noms. Even if he's not using actual words, his enthusiasm for festive seasonal gourds is pretty clear.


Teddy was found abandoned in a barn as a newborn back in 2003. The wildlife experts at Zooniversity nursed him back to health, and he now serves as an ambassador for his species throughout Texas and the surrounding states. Teddy's diet consists mainly of leaves and bark, which is what porcupines eat in the wild, and he enjoys the occasional pumpkin, but his absolute favorite food is corn on the cob. Check out the video (below) that catapulted Teddy to fame, in which he expresses some strong opinions on the matter. When you're done with that, head on over to his Facebook page, so you won't miss out on any breaking porcupine news.