How to Remove Tangles From a Puppy's Fur

Puppies usually have fur that is soft and cuddly, but eventually your fluff ball may have tangles or mats you need to tackle. It'll be easier to comb out such snarls if you've groomed him regularly or brushed him daily since he became yours. When it's time for grooming, give your puppy plenty of praise and some treats; it'll make removing tangles from your puppy's fur easier.


• Rubber mat
• Bristle brush
• Broad-tooth comb
• Detangler spray

Step #1 - Place a rubber mat on a table to give your pup traction. Make sure the table is high enough that you can avoid bending while you work on the dog. Always use the same table so he becomes accustomed to grooming time. Place your puppy on the rubber mat.

Step #2 - Show the dog brush and comb to your puppy. Let him sniff each one. This will help calm him. Brush him a few times and talk gently to him and give him a treat.

Step #3 - Locate the tangle and spray it with a detangler spray. Using your fingers, try to loosen the tangle.

Step #4 - Pick the tangle with the outside teeth of the broad-tooth comb. Start on the edges of the tangle, placing the teeth down through the mat. Work on the edges, slowly moving to the middle of the tangle. Give your pup a treat if he begins to get nervous.

Step #5 - Brush the tangle with the brush. Brush in different directions to finish loosening the knots. If you have a few knots left, gently comb through the knots with the broad-tooth comb.

Step #6 - Brush your puppy all over. Talk to him and give him a treat. Examine his fur for any more tangles and repeat as necessary.

By Pauline Gill

Warning: Don't bath your puppy before removing tangles. The water will tighten the tangle and possibly create hard-to-remove mats in your pup's fur.

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