Kate Mara is a Huge Dog Lover and Proved it in a Big Way

We already knew that Kate Mara was an A+ actress and we are so excited to learn she's also one helluva animal activist. As PEOPLE reports, when Mara learned that almost 70 dogs and three horses had recently been rescued from terrible living conditions on a property in Gallia County, Ohio, the actress rushed in to help. Sure, she could have just sent some cash to the Humane Society, the organization on the case with which she has a longstanding relationship. But no, Mara wanted to do literally everything she could to help, and so this past weekend, she flew to Ohio to take care of the neglected and abused animals.


Chris Schindler of the Humane Society made it clear in an interview with local news outlet WSAZ-TV that Mara was really "part of the team."

"She's here to work with the dogs and truly is a part of our animal rescue team and is helping with the daily care for the animals and it's really exciting to be able to have someone who has been working with us for so long to be able to see some of the additional aspects of our work."


Image: The Humane Society of the United States

When Mara spoke to the station, she didn't shy away from talking about the difficulty of this work.

"Well, it's pretty heartbreaking," she told WSAZ-TV. "It's also, you know, it's incredible to be able to be here and actually, you know, just give love to these animals that clearly need so much of it. To see the pictures of what they were living in and knowing all the medical issues that they have now is really disturbing but I'm happy to be here to start the healing process with them."

Mara's been involved with the Humane Society for the past few years, and when the organization called her about helping out in Gallia County, she jumped at the chance.

"The reason I do it is not only because I'm a massive animal lover, I'm also just really inspired by the people who dedicate their lives to the Humane Society and to animals in general, and all the other people who volunteer to be here. It's just beyond inspiring. Being around those people, it's an incredible thing, and you don't get to experience that every day."

Well, now we're the ones who are inspired. Way to go, Kate! You and your friends at the Humane Society are straight up heroes in our eyes.

Video by YouTube user Ohio Valley Publishing