Moving Dogs to a New Home

Dogs are creatures of habit, so moving to new homes can be stressful until they adapt to their new surroundings. By putting together an early plan, keeping moving day as calm as possible and helping canines adjust comfortably, owners and dogs will learn to love their new environments.


Selecting a New Home

A successful move starts when you are choosing your new home. Selecting a dog-friendly environment is a must for your best friend's happiness and well being. A home with a yard will give your pet room to run and take his potty breaks. Your realtor may be able to point you toward dog-friendly neighborhoods. Once you begin to narrow your search, speak to residents in areas you are considering to see how safe and friendly a particular neighborhood is for dogs. If you are planning to rent, make sure that dogs are allowed and that the size and type of dog you have will be welcomed.

Leaving Your Old Home

Carefully planning the details of your move will help keep your dog calm and relaxed. Most dogs sense when change is in the air, so allowing your dog get use to the idea early will help put him at ease. By packing small amounts of items well in advance, you will avoid the turmoil of a last minute move. On moving day, shut your pet in a spare room to keep him safely out of the way while objects are being moved. You may even want to ask a friend to watch your pooch so he is not in the way and does not become overly stressed during the commotion.

Moving Your Dog

Before moving day arrives, register your dog in your new location, update his tags and microchip with your contact information just in case he ever strays from home.
Planning how you will transport your pooch is also important. If your dog enjoys traveling in a vehicle, you can let him ride along beside you. If you must use a traveling crate, setting it up with a comfortable blanket will keep him cozy during the move. In addition, make sure that you have the essentials for breaks, including a strong leash for walks and bowls for snacks and water.

Transitioning to Your New Location

Once you get to your new home, keep your pet safe in a separate room as you unload your belongings. Give him his favorite bedding, toys and bowls to help him develop a sense of familiarity. As you introduce your dog to his new surroundings, stay with him as he explores the environment. If he seems overwhelmed, consider giving him access to one room at a time to reduce stress. Always keep your pet on a secure leash during walks as you acclimate him to his new neighborhood.

By Jennifer Lynn


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