The Cops Told Residents That Their Home "Prowler" Was Their Dog

When some folks in Sonoma County heard something go bump in the night, they nervously called the cops to find out if someone had invaded their home. But when the deputies showed up, they found out that the prowler was none other than their pooch attempting to break out of the house via a skylight!


Lucky for us, the sneaky canine was caught on camera by the Deputies and immediately posted to Twitter.


Credit: @sonomasheriff / Twitter

Here's how the event was summed up on Sonoma Sheriff's Facebook page

"Sheriff's Deputies responded to a reported prowler at a residence. They arrived and quickly caught the culprit as he tried to escape the residence through an unsecured skylight. The Deputies conducted a thorough investigation and determined the culprit had been a "bad dog" so he got no treats."

There was no word on whether the prowlers' puppy eyes helped the Great Dane avoid jail time.

Credit: sonoma.sherrif/ Facebook