Putting a Flashing Safety Light on Your Pet

Animals, just like humans, benefit from wearing safety devices designed to promote motorist awareness. In low-light, dark or foggy conditions, drivers may struggle to see clearly. Yet, a flashing safety light attached to, or embedded in, your pet's collar or leash provides a visual alert to anyone in your pet's vicinity. In addition, this type of device proves helpful to you, as the owner, if your pet happens to stray. The blinking light serves as a beacon so that you can easily find your dog or cat.


Items You'll Need:
• Leash or collar with embedded flashing lights
• Attachable flashing safety light

Step 1 - Attach a small, flashing safety light on a clip to your pet's collar and turn it on with the switch before going out at night to walk your pet. This will help you, and other people, identify the animal's location.

Step 2 - Clip a leash that contains embedded safety lights onto your pet's collar when you take him for a walk at dusk or in the dark of night. Turn on the leash with its switch before beginning your walk. The lights will continuously flash, alerting passing motorists of you and your pet's presence.

Step 3 - Secure a collar with flashing safety lights on your pet's neck. Turn on the collar before allowing your pet to go outside or roam without a leash in a safe area at dusk or in the dark. The flashing lights on the collar will help you keep track of your pet.

Warnings: Monitor your pet's safety device and replace the batteries as needed. Make sure to turn the light switch off during daytime hours to conserve battery power.

By Cynthia Measom

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