Taylor Swift Is All Of Us When Your Cat Won't Leave You Alone

Cuteness Team

Taylor Swift is an international pop star with serious pipes, a fabulous life, and an enviable #girlsquad — but that isn't why we love her. (Okay, it's kind of why we love her.) Adding to her awesomeness is her love for her two cats...


Credit: @taylorswift/Instagram

And Olivia.

Credit: @taylorswift/Instagram

It looks like Taylor is gearing up for a big performance this weekend for the Formula 1 race in Austin, TX. And before something major like that, you'd definitely need rest. But apparently, Meredith was so not into this idea. Taylor just posted this hilarious video on Instagram in which Meredith won't stop meowing — and all Taylor wants is sleep.

At first, Taylor just tries to get out some words but she's too tired:

Then things get a little more desperate...

Until Taylor resorts to trying to explain TO HER CAT why meowing is not okay right now...erm...we've tried that as well and it hasn't worked.

Even better is this detail she left in the caption about her "overly emotional" cat — the door wasn't even closed. MEREDIIIITTTHHHH.

Check out the video. If you are a cat owner, we guarantee you have been through this.