These Baby Otters Learn To Swim Whether They Want To Or Not!

We're sure you've seen your fair share of awww-worthy videos of otters holding hands while floating on their backs…


...and otter mamas cradling their precious little babies.

So you'd only assume that their parenting methods would go something like, "there, there, Johnny. No one's going to force you to learn to swim if you're not ready. We'll go at your pace, sweetie." Right? WRONG!

This video taken at the Chester Zoo in England proves that when it comes to teaching their kids a new skill, it's best to throw them into the deep end. Literally.

Watch as these otter parents introduce their pups to the art of swimming, and they don't start off 'em off in the kiddie pool either. The little ones are immediately forced right into some pretty deep waters where they have to figure out, all on their own, how to make it back to shore...or sink. Holy crap!

You might think that this otter (tiger?) mom may be a bit harsh, but this is just the otter way of life — and apparently it works. The little newborns are master swimmers by the end of the lesson!