This "Dog Lawyer" Dedicates Practice To Defending Pups

You could have your career "go to the dogs" in a bad way, or you could have your career "go to the dogs" in a good way—literally and legally.


Even though he was a successful attorney of 20 years with one of the largest Salem firms handling debt collection, Jeremy Cohen wasn't at all happy with the path his career had taken.

Cohen would go home every single day feeling not so good about himself. So what did he do? He sold the general practice law firm he founded in 2007 i one fell swoop!

At that time, a German Shepherd belonging to Cohen's stepchildren bit a person and some other dogs. When the Board of Selectmen asked for the dog to be put down, Cohen lent his legal skills to the dog and represented the family's appeal.

"We're too smart as a society to just say 'Dog bites thing. Let's kill it,'" Cohen said. "It may be after good investigation that's the right thing to do. But this wasn't here."

Cohen's appeal did the trick and the dog was saved, living for five more years!

In 2015 Cohen opened his Boston Dog Lawyers practice which specializes in representing dogs and pet owners. His website boldly barks "It's time to hire Boston Dog Lawyers because it's time to Bark back!"


In the past year and then some, Cohen has handled nearly 70 cases, most involving dogs biting others as well as custody cases.

Cohen views his job as giving a voice to clients who bark but cannot speak. This is the first time as a lawyer he's been this passionate about his profession. And all his hard work has paid off, too, as he was able to save several dogs from being put to sleep.

To Cohen this newfound venture has been very fulfilling. "I've kept dogs alive," said Cohen. "To track the path of my legal career, I didn't want to be a lawyer, I didn't like being a lawyer."

Cohen does still handle some civil litigation along with pet cases, but as each day passes his practice becomes more of what he really loves doing. You may think that Cohen is only saving dogs, but in reality, those dogs are saving him!

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Main Image: Boston Herald