Top 10 Most Patriotic Cats

Cuteness Team

Is there anything more American than apple pie, baseball, and putting cheese on other countries’ foods? (We’re lookin’ at you, cheeseburgers.) Yes. These cats.

1 - Be the flag. Be. The. Flag.


“America” translates to “total commitment” in catspeak.

2 - This cat has the patriotism starter kit

Image Source: Flickr

American Eagle? Check. American Flag? Check. Red & blue sheets with a white cat? CHECK!

3 - Make sure the neighborhood has enough flags


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“Sorry Bill, you only have two of the four required flags.”

4 - Support the Troops

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Someone’s gotta cuddle our troops! Why not adorable kittens?!

5 - Honoring our namesake comic book character: Captain America.

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More like Captain A-meow-ica.

6 - Voting

Image Source: Getty Images

“I’m voting for whoever promises Tuna Tuesdays.”

7 - Dressing up like a goofball

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Because America.