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With so many pet blogs on the web, how do pet enthusiasts find the very best? Glad you asked! To make things easier for you, we at Cuteness would like to share links to five of our best and newest Blogger Fur-iends. We hand-selected these pawsome blogs for their unique, helpful, and fun content -- with each one offering something different from the rest!


Abby Chesnut loves pet products. In fact, she loves pet products so much that she started testing new ideas and products on her own pets. Her critiquing critters include dogs, rats, and even a fish. Dogs Jada and Bailey are the Pup Product Review team, while betta fish Emilio contributes his aquatic expertise. Rats Everett and Delmar round out The Chesnut Mutts head testers for the small critter category. With so many animals helping out with product testing, it's no wonder why The Chesnut Mutts brings us some of the best pet reviews on the web!

Visit The Chesnut Mutts to learn more about Abby Chesnut and crew.

This dog-loving blog and magazine is centered around sharing a passion for dogs all around the world. Featuring riveting dog stories, interesting information, and adorable pictures, Your Special Dog is dedicated to sharing the beauty and joy of dogs to everyone. Your Special Dog even has a doggy editor, Doni, who gives the "final approval" for all articles published on the site; make sure to give him a treat for special consideration!

Visit Your Special Dog today!

Emma the GBGV (that's Grand Basset Griffon Vendeén) actually has a much longer name: Debucher Baguette. But Mademoiselle Debucher is a self-proclaimed "practical gal," so she simply goes by the name Emma! Emma is working hard to spread awareness about GBGVs all around the world through her blog, My GBGV Life. Emma isn't just an expert blogger, she's also quite the globetrotter who's been to 5 different countries and 18 states. However, it's her blog that allows her to spread her message even further than she's traveled!

Learn more about GBGVs and Emma at My GBGV Life.

Jeanne Melanson created her blog, Animal Bliss, out of a deep passion for animals and their welfare. As a lifelong animal lover, Jeanne has owned nearly every type of pet you can imagine including alpine goats, chickens, turkeys, Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs, turtles, raccoons, opossum, cats, dogs, and a bearded dragon. Drawing from her considerable knowledge and experience, her blog features loads of animal-based tips, news, and reviews. There's definitely plenty here to keep every animal lover in a state of bliss!

Find your own bit of bliss at Animal Bliss.

By Sara Stuart