Welcome to the New Cuteness.com!

After over a year of completely reworking the site from the ground up, we couldn't be happier to introduce the new Cuteness.com.


So what's new? We've completely reworked the site architecture including a brand new backend (a.k.a. the magic plumbing that makes things work) and a fancy new design to make the site easier to use (and hopefully much faster). We still have a bunch of our popular features like Pet of the Day, Popular Pets, and New Pets, Videos, Hall of Fame, Rainbow Fields, and a totally redone Cutewars section that feels a million times faster than the old Cutewars.

We've also completely redesigned our pet profile pages. They still have a bunch of the features that everyone loves like status updates, friends, and comments, but they now feature three HUGE images at the top of the page (check out my super cute page!). Another pawesome new feature is the introduction of Cuteness Ribbons. Think of ribbons as little rewards for doing fun stuff on the site. We have eight of them now, but will be adding more in the future. Try to collect 'em all!

We also now have a blog (if you're reading this, you probably already figured that out). We'll be doing things like DIY Videos - you can see our first post on How to Make Peanut Butter Dog Cookies, site updates, general pet news, etc. If you'd like to write for us, let me know.

The last big thing is a revamped Pet Park (previously know as the Dogpark). You can ask and answer questions, have virtual parties, and just have fun. We're still putting the finishing touches on this one and hope to have it ready in the next few weeks.

Hope everyone likes it and please let me know if you find any site weirdnesses or have some questions.

Happy sniffing!


P.S. - This is phase one of a two phase project, so some even BIGGER news is on the way. Stay tuned!