Who Knew Hillary Was Such A Huge Elephant Activist?

With the falling leaves this autumn comes political outpourings from both the left and the right. But, regardless of your political or partisan leanings, one thing we can all agree on is the importance of protecting our world's wildlife, specifically the conservation of African elephants. Hillary Clinton's campaign to save Africa's elephants has made the news, but perhaps not as as often as it should.


Credit: CBS News / YouTube

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton worked to bring the issue of wildlife trafficking to our attention, and to those who know her, that was not a surprising move. Clinton's passion for the subject stems from her love of elephants. In fact, when Ellen DeGeneres asked her what her spirit animal was on a portion of the show aired on Facebook, Clinton said an elephant. She expressed her connection and admiration for elephants, despite them being the symbol of the GOP, and emphasized the importance of securing the safety of these mighty pachyderms, as well as other animals threatened worldwide by poaching.


Credit: ellentv / Facebook

Her family's foundation has brought together various conservation groups intent on preventing the poaching of elephants through the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). Clinton also promises to continue to fight illegal wildlife trade and inspire a global crack-down should she be made president. It's hard for any animal lover not to take the side of conservation and protection.

Saving elephants may be a lofty goal, but with the dwindling populations of savannah and jungle elephants, the stark reality is that if we don't step in now to stop the illegal sales of ivory, the world's largest land mammal will face extinction.

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