The 21 Funniest Dog Videos, Pictures & GIFs of 2018

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If these don't make you LOL, you're probably a cat.

1. These two who are abiding by the letter, if not the spirit, of the law.

2. This corg doin himself a heckn barrel roll.

"I'm sushi now"

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Video of the Day

3. Eat your heart out Warby Parker.

4. This ridiculous backseat tantrum between dog and owner (press play to watch).

5. This jelly AH shar-pei who caught her human scrolling through pictures of .... [GASPS] .... cats!

6. This pup living his best life by launching headfirst into a heap of leaves.

7. This cool dad living in the year 3018.

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8. Tag yourself, I'm the husky taking the inside track at the :04 second mark.

9. This diplomatic doggo who dragged his cat buddy off to the penalty box for a much needed timeout (press play to watch).

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10. This opportunistic good boy scoring free scritches from a carwash (press play to watch).

11. This westie coaxed into a donut-shaped pillow during the #snootchallenge.

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12. This boof balloon who floated up to the top of the ceiling.

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13. I'm smiling, you're smiling, he's smiling, WE'RE ALL SMILING.

14. This pano fail that triggered a wave of takes and comparisons on Twitter.

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15. This boy playing fetch in the backyard with his neighbor's dog — who's on the other side of the fence (press play to watch)!

16. Because even movie stars have trouble getting the perfect pet selfie.

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17. Retrievers gonna retrieve (press play to watch).

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18. "If you didn’t want me to order a treadmill on Amazon, you shouldn’t have left your laptop open, Katie."

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19. Mind. Blown.

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20. Your guess is as good as ours 🤷

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21. Funniest. Eye Lock. Ever.

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