Couple Photographs 2 Years Of Cute Cat Creeping Their Dinners

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If you have a dog or a cat, you're probably familiar with your beloved furball staring at you for long periods of time for completely inexplicable reasons.


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Even though it's totally normal for a pet to gawk at their person like a total weirdo, there's one cat who takes rubbernecking at his humans to a whole new level.

Meet Prince Caspian the Cat who, without fail, sits down at the dinner table with his humans every night for their evening meal, and stares intently at his people until they finish their food.


"He didn't do it when he was a kitten," John Wikstrom, one of Prince Caspian's humans, told The Dodo. "It was almost like, 'I'm not a kid anymore and I have a seat at this table.'"

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When you have a cat with a habit this hilarious/weird, you gotta get photographic evidence. Pics or it didn't happen! Caspian's humans have risen to the challenge and have taken a picture of their little oddball at the dinner table for every meal he's stared at them. They've accumulated a whopping two years of daily photos of their bizarre mealtime ritual.

To make it weirder, it's not like Caspian is really that much of a kitty stalker about anything else. As his human tells it, the little guy is pretty much a straight-up scatterbrain.


"Dinner is the only thing he's really consistent about," Wikstrom said. "His attention is all over the place. He'll pop in when we watch TV or something, but the dinner table is the one place we can count on him dropping in."

So why does Caspian get his creep on come dinnertime? Well, his people have ruled out one possibility: He's not trying to pick off their plates.


"When we're not looking, he'll get right up in our plates and smell it, although he rarely tries to eat from them," Wikstrom explained. "He goes up there for the company. Or maybe it's just FOMO."

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KITTY FOMO!!! Too cute, we die.

If you're as obsessed as we are, you can check out Prince Caspian's Insta. The cat cannot take a bad picture, or an unfunny one for that matter!

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