Adorable Puppy Throws Huge Tantrum At The Groomers & We Can’t Stop Laughing

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This tantrum-throwing puppy is anyone who has had a bad haircut and as a result, has been a little too snippy with the next scissor-wielding hairdresser.


Oreo, an 11-week-old puppy had a few notes for her groomer.

Actually, wait. Our apologies, we should have started this article with a warning.

If you have something pressing to do, bookmark this for when you have a minimum of 30 minutes to work with, because you're going to want to watch this video no less that 10 times. Ya ready for it? Ok, here ya go:


Bobbie Lee, the groomer hearing out Oreo's concerns, helps her husband run the Veterinary Hospital in Leesburg, Georgia. Mrs. Lee assures viewers on Facebook that Oreo is one of the sweetest dogs you could meet, which makes her tantrum all that more hilarious and delightful.

Though it's fun to imagine the basis of Oreo's objection is that she doesn't want bangs this spring, in truth little Oreo was protesting the timing of her cut. The sweet puppy had been playing all morning, and this trim was dipping into her nap time.

We're on Oreo's side for this one, if ever there was an argument that shouldn't be disputed it's: I don't want to, it's nap time.


Oreo's new do:

In an act nothing short of heroic, Oreo ultimately allowed the grooming to commence and even found the strength to muscle through this picture. Oreo could not be reached for comment on her new do as she is napping soundly and snoring loudly. We'll assume she loves it; because how could she not? Just look at her!