Say What? April The Pregnant Giraffe Is Not In Labor?

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While the baby bump is real, the labor just isn't. At least, not yet.

"Labor has not started," a park official stated in a recent question-and-answer on the Animal Adventure Park's YouTube channel.

April's water hasn't even broken yet, reports Cleveland's Fox 8.


So, what's up with telling erybdy that she's going to give birth? Fans of the mother-to-be pressed park officials for answers during a recent question-and-answer on the park's YouTube.

Their reply: 🤷


Zookeepers did say April is showing signs of nearing labor like mammary development, "engorged" ba-dunk-a-dunk, and very round baby bump.

"April remains in great condition with no concerns from keepers or our vet team," the park posted to Facebook on Wednesday. "Activity in the belly remains very visible to the eye."


So, if you're interested in continuing to watch the #PregnancyWatch livestream, you'll need to wait. As of Wednesay afternoon, the YouTube feed is currently down... much like our will to live.