16 Dogs Who Farted & Ruined Everything

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Nothing clears a room faster than the pungent aroma of a dog's fart. Let's take a moment to appreciate the unique artistry of canine flatulence.

1. So much for that road trip.

2. This dog ruined your dinner party.

3. Little dog, biiiig fart.

4. This dog gets the award for worst lapdog ever.

5. This dog has ruined the concept of puppy eyes.

6. Ahh, a lovely afternoon stroll.

7. This dog ruined an entire field of flowers.

8. Timmie! Noooo!

9. This dog ruined rainbows.

10. This dog ruined a sweet dream about chasing rabbits.

11. You're probably gonna want to just throw the bucket out with the bathwater.

12. This dog ruined a rad blanket fort.

13. This dog has just ruined its own reputation.

14. This dog is about to ruin a budding friendship.

15. This is why they closed the dog park.

16. That's it for today's cuddle session.

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