The 25 Funniest Dog Videos Of 2017

Look, we get it, 2017 has been a strange and polarizing year for a whole mess of reasons, but if there's any one thing that can bring the internet together, it's a funny dog video.

And this year definitely gave us — and future meme historians — a bumper crop of hilarious clips that will reverberate long into the viral future.

From corgis stumped by fallen logs and dogs stealing empanadas on live TV to dogs stealing hula hoops and crashing live TV newscasts, these are the 25 funniest dog videos that everyone — and I mean EVERYONE — was buzzing about in 2017.

1. This pup on his way to steal yo girl.

2. This corgi that got separated from his squad.

Don't forget the corgi guys! :)

Don't forget the corgi guys! :)

Posted by Jake the Corgi on Thursday, October 5, 2017

3. These doggos that couldn't even deal when they realized they were going for a walk at their favorite dog park.

4. And this one that threw a tantrum when his human decided it was time to leave.

Watch it below:

The dog who REALLY wasn't ready to leave just yet . . . . . . Jukin Media Certified Find this video and others like it by visiting For licensing / permission to use, please email

Posted by Kristen Bohlsen on Sunday, August 6, 2017

5. This opportunistic dog that wasn't afraid to shoot his shot on live TV.

VIDEO: Uno de nuestros Noteros mientras realizaba una nota para Diarios Comunales y Kuarta TV en el regional de cueca escolar fue testigo de un robo en vivo, veálo usted.

Posted by Kuarta TV on Saturday, September 9, 2017

6. This St. Bernard that wanted absolutely nothing to do with his family's new pet hamster (hover over to play).

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7. This big bro dog teaching his smaller baby bro to sit for treats.

Full Story: Watch This Big Dog Teaching His Baby Brother To Sit

8. All of these perplexed pups learning to walk in snow booties.

The 25 funniest dog videos of 2017

9. This dog that just discovered what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

10. This dog — a/k/a me IRL — turning in an assignment one minute before its 5:00 p.m. deadline.

The 25 funniest dog videos of 2017
credit: GIPHY

11. When Nemo, French president Emmanuel Macron's 2-year-old lab, peed on an antique fireplace at Élysée Palace.

12. This pure AF corgi trying to share a bone with his own stubby-legged, loaf-like reflection.

13. This dog doing the doggie pedal.

14. This strong, independent doggo that doesn't need a human to play fetch, thank you very much.

The 25 funniest dog videos of 2017

15. This dog, Dodger, who broke the internet when he was reunited with Chris Evans (of Captain America fame) after the actor returned home from a 10-week film shoot.

16. These dogs who gathered around their regular UPS driver for a summer selfie.

When you have the best UPS man on the planet... To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Posted by Staci Speer Burns on Thursday, June 8, 2017

17. This dog — a/k/a the coolest dog in the history of cool dogs — rocking some sweet shades and kicks on the train in NYC.

18. This dog that shops for himself like a boss.

Dog Leaves Store with Food

Did he pay for that? If so, where does he keep his wallet?

Posted by Daily Picks and Flicks on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

19. This Russian dog that crashed a live newscast at just the right moment.

The 25 funniest dog videos of 2017
credit: Мир 24 / Y

Watch it below:

20. This pup locked in battle with an evil doorstop (hover over to play).

21. This whirling woofer that's already hula-hooping at a 12th grade level.

22. This dog that returned for his favorite chew toy after he got spooked by a frog.

23. This impatient pup that thinks it is time for you to return to the car already.

ICYMI: Video of a dog honking for its owner in Osage Beach. (Courtesy: Tarah Kenney)

Posted by KRCG 13 on Thursday, March 30, 2017

24. This German Shepherd coming to the rescue of his pit bull buddy.

25. This dog that left the peloton in his dust (for about 30 seconds).

Did we miss your favorite funny dog video of 2017? Share it with us in the comments below!