20 Totally Random Animal Photos That Will Make You Pee Yourself

1. This is actually what is going on inside your cat's brain all the time.

2. And this is what's going on in your dog's brain all the time.

3. It's impossible to look away from these bunny rabbits doing synchronized swimming on dry land.

4. May we all have the confidence of this wack-a-doodle llama.

5. When your dog gets, like, REAL existential.

6. This penguin is NOT here to make friends.

7. Dogs who have no control over their tongues.

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8. That time you forgot what species you were.

9. When you realize the truest love you've ever seen is the love between this goat and turtle.

10. No big deal, just a llama being the funniest animal alive for the second time on this list.

11. Oh, wait, actually maybe it's the hedgehog who is the funniest animal alive. Specifically, a hedgehog trying to eat something.

12. No one as ever been as hilariously needy as this sweet-as-heck panda bear.

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13. Wait, how have we gotten this deep into the list and not talked about how straight-up silly owls are?

14. What IS funnier than an owl sassing your face? Maybe a lizard trying really hard to eat ice cream?

15. Or a sea lion that has no idea what to do with itself?

16. Or penguins who are LOOKING FOR A FIGHT.

17. It's almost like Mother Nature invented flamingos for the express purpose of creating silly memes.

18. This bear JUST WAVED BACK — everything is great forever.

19. Here's a cat who has met her mortal enemy: an empty tissue box.

20. And real talk, no one has EVER been more "Mondays" than this polar bear.