18 Hilarious Valentine's Day Memes To Share With Your Boo

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The singing telegram is so two-thousand-and-late. Embrace the future. Give the gift of memes.

1. "Please accept this flower which I most definitely did not take from the neighbor's yard."

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2. So fancy!

3. OK, maybe not the only kind.

4. Opposites attract.

5. Oh là là!

7. It's the thought that counts.

8. Very kisses.

9. "Let's just Netflix and snuggle, OK?"

10. If the frog prince looked like this, we'd give him a lil kiss too.

11. much valentine

12. This is the dream.

13. Even orangutans get bed head.

14. Come baaaaack!

15. Must. Not. Disturb.

16. We all know that true beauty is on the inside.

17. happy sigh

18. ❤️