20 Tweets That Perfectly Illustrate Why We Make It Rain For Our Pets

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Another day, another hilarious hashtag on Twitter. Example: #TheBestMoneyIHaveEverSpent, which trended earlier this morning after @ICanHas organized a game around the letter jumble.

The responses varied widely — some snide, others a measure more serious — but a number of keyboard comedians zeroed in on what's really important: animals and pets! Collected below, then: 20 of the very best tweets that riff creatively on the tag.

Video of the Day

1. This is super relatable.

2. As is this one.

3. LOL!

4. Doubling down on the hashtag fun? That's a pro move right there.

5. Awarding this take all of the cat power

6. Can you handle the cute here? Can you really?

7. Be still my heart.

8. Worth every penny and that's just my two cents.

9. 10/10 dog lovers would agree this was a good expenditure.

10. Literally dying right now from the OMFG.

11. When you aesthetic is dogs dogs dogs 24-7-365.

12. When what's good for the dog is good for you!

13. Obviously a good purrrchase, amirite?.

14. Because AWWWs.

15. Better that than your couch.

16. Who says love has gone to the birds?

17. I am dead, RIP me. 😂 😂 😂

18. +1 for the clever GIF selection.

19. Never give up on your dreams.